Sy Smith Shows The Beauty Of Blackness In ‘Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete’

In tumultuous times, art can be a soothing balm. There are a host of artists that we turn to to provide that comfort and recently we've found ourselves revisiting Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete, the masterwork of an album released by Sy Smith in 2018. The album has a little bit of everything for everybody, but we find ourselves constantly gravitating to the title track. Lucky for us, Sy has released a gorgeous video for it for our viewing pleasure.

Like her video for "Camelot," "Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete" was filmed when she and her husband Shawn Carter Peterson took a vacation to Tanzania. Unlike "Camelot," however, the video was put together utilizing footage from the trip that Sy's hubby put together unbeknownst to her. "We'd planned to shoot a visual for Camelot while we were vacationing, and we did that. But what I didn’t know was that Shawn was getting lots of extra footage so that he could make a second video too," Sy said in a press release. "It was all a complete surprise to me when he showed me both videos after he was finished! I was in tears because both videos were just so beautiful!" Beautiful is an understatement. The camera captures candid moments from the trip, including Sy interacting with members of the Maasai tribe and the beautiful land and seascapes that the country has to offer. It's also a getaway for those of us who have been cooped up in our own spaces for over two months as the coronavirus pandemic continues on.

Let's be honest, we can all use a getaway from all that's going on in the world. Take a virtual vacation to Tanzania with Sy Smith to help remind you that there's a whole beautiful world out there when you press play.

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