Russell Taylor Wants Us To ‘Wake Up’ To America’s Reality

Black artists from all over the industry are giving voice to the masses with songs of protest in the wake of continued oppression perpetrated by America on a daily basis. We've heard from the likes of H.E.R., Alicia Keys, Terry Ellis and even Usher. Now singer-songwriter Russell Taylor is the latest to join the fray with his politically charged single "Wake Up."

"Wake Up" immediately calls out America for its treatment of Black people, with Russell singing tenderly, "46 million of us in this place / And what do we have to claim? / Permanent bars have replaced our chains / They silence the things we say." But while he laments of the struggles Black people face as we constantly fight for change, his weariness doesn't mean that he's unwilling to continue the fight. All he asks is that everyone else open their eyes to what's really going on. Helping bring his message across is dramatic production that includes piano, drums and orchestral strings along with a backing choir of his musician friends. The end result is an urgent call to arms as America faces a reckoning that has been long overdue.

"Wake Up" is the second single we've gotten from the artist this year — the first being, of course, the sultry "Come Morning." The fact that he can go from seductive to political so easily shows just how versatile of an artist he truly his. It also shows that he's not afraid to use his talent to amplify the voices of others. Listen to the latest from Russell Taylor when you press play and make sure to support his talent by buying a copy of the single to add to your collection.

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