Take A Sip Of Full Crate & Kyle Dion’s ‘Brandy’

Multi-hyphenate DJ/producer Full Crate returns with another melodic mood-lifter that is sure to make you move. For his latest single “Brandy,” he teams up with singer/songwriter Kyle Dion and the result is as soothing as its nightcappin’ namesake. Co-produced by Full Crate and The Bay's Aabo and co-written Kyle and Bijou, this group effort instantly grabbed our attention with its percussion before coaxing us into a mellow two-step followed by a slow drag. Whatever your mood, this single provides the perfect after-hours soundtrack.

Kyle’s falsetto flutters along as he professes his feelings to his lover. His attempts to stifle himself are futile, as the liquid courage has him pouring out emotions and making promises as he sings, “Maybe I said too much / You're my favorite I’m telling ya / See the bracelet I’m flooding yo wrist / Bling bling suga money cover yo rent.” We’ve all been there. No matter your drink of choice, the right amount might have you slick-talking and selling dreams. Though he may regret it in the morning, at the moment he’s feeling no pain and neither are we.

Pour your favorite adult beverage and give Full Crate and Kyle Dion’s “Brandy” a listen. Add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform, and get ready for Full Crate’s upcoming EP In All Honesty, which is set to drop on July 22nd. The project will feature a full roster of talented artists and includes this latest single.

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