Tiana Major9 Sings Of Her Winning Hand On ‘Lucky’

Ahead of her forthcoming EP, London-bred beauty Tiana Major9 continues to show off her range with her new single “Lucky.” This latest bop follows her collaboration with Dreamville duo EARTHGANG entitled "Collide" and her sizzling reggae single "Think About You." Written alongside Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman and PRGRSHN, her most recent release tells the tale of feeling “lucky” in love. Over the catchy, acoustic-laden track, she uses plenty of gambling metaphors to describe her emotions as she sings, “I'm feelin' lucky like I rolled a six and a five / I'm feelin' lucky like the right place, right time / I'm feelin' lucky, roll a L, now we're high / Don't really gamble but you know I can do / Babe, if your heart is the prize.”

The tune offers a bit of sunshine during the darkest of times and serves as a sweet reminder to cherish our loved ones. She says, “Things are very heavy right now for Black people everywhere — we’re grieving and experiencing trauma simultaneously. Although it was written before the double pandemic (both COVID-19 and the rampant lynching of black people), I hope that it puts a smile on your face and keeps your spirits up. Know that you are not only blessed and highly favored but someone is/will be Lucky to love you.”

Try your luck and give Tiana Major9’s newest single a spin below. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform and keep an eye out for her new EP, which is set for release later this year.

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