Usher Gets Emotional & Pleads For Change In ‘I Cry’

This moment in time is bringing out the socially conscious side in us all, especially some of our favorites. That number includes Usher, who stepped into the fray to speak on the state of the world with his single "I Cry." Now he's showing his most vulnerable side yet with the release of the song's video.

The visual is perhaps as simple as things get. It's introduced by a title card (cutely drawn and designed by his sons Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Raymond) before we're shown a tight close-up of Ursh as he looks directly into the camera. As the star sings, images of protests past and present are flashed on the screen while tears drop from his eyes while he vows to fight on for those who can't. Color slowly bleeds into the video until Usher is fully colorized while he gets further into his performance and evokes the future of change we hope to see.

The clip is a similar approach that the singer took for his recent performance for Global Goal: Unite For Our Future. However, for that performance, he kept things tinted red as performers lay on the ground around him (which was reminiscent of the recent protests that started after the murder of George Floyd).

While a visual might not change the world, it might be all it takes to inspire that change in us all. Check out both the song's official video and Usher's performance at Global Goal: Unite For Our Future below.

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