CeeLo Green Shows Us ‘The Way’

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that life is full of uncertainty. One can either retreat at the mere sight of the unknown or proceed with faith in knowing that whatever is to be will be. Multi-hyphenate soul star CeeLo Green captures this sentiment with his latest single, “The Way.” In his signature tone, he sings, “There's no civilization in sight / We're losing the light of day / Even in the darkest nights / I'm gonna find my way.”

The accompanying Slim Dre-Drizzy-directed visual is tailor-made for the track and features Sugar Lo driving along a country road. His truck breaks down, and we follow him as he wanders aimlessly through the wooded area. He arrives at a church and, instead of finding assistance, he is met with locked doors. Such is life, he must continue along his journey. It’s all a brilliant black-and-white depiction reminding us all to press on, no matter what.

Watch CeeLo Green’s “The Way” video below, and be sure to add the full CeeLo Green Is Thomas Callaway album to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Of the project, he says he hopes listeners come away with “even more hope, some peace, some love, some understanding, some inspiration and some introspection into themselves.” He explains, “I hope people use it as a catalyst for a conduit to be reconnected to a natural resource — just be reminded that life is not so complicated.”

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