Gwen Bunn Offers Reasons To Stick With Her On ‘Don’t Go’

It seems we're going to be getting something new from Gwen Bunn sooner rather than later. The singer/songwriter/producer has been in-demand in the past, but lately she's been focusing on her own solo star dropping singles like "No Days Off" and "Pressure" as she prepares new album Mood Swings. Now she's breaking us off another piece of what we can expect from the project with her latest single "Don't Go."

"Don't Go," which is produced by RicoElite, hits its stride first with looped piano. Gwen's syrupy sweet voice is the next thing you hear as she makes her case. "Take you where you never been / Places that are heaven-sent / Higher love / Sky above," she sings. She then appeals to curiosity and wanderlust on the chorus, singing, "You'll just never know / All the places we can go." The rest of the song is a simple plea as she lets us know that she's worth taking a chance on if you want to live your best life. While she never lays out exactly where you'll go or what you'll be doing when you get there, there's a calming reassurance that you'll enjoy the ride. And, after all, isn't that what love and life are all about?

We're still waiting on the singer to give us a definite release date for her upcoming album, but we all know that a new Gwen Bunn project is always worth the wait. Make your wait all the more sweeter by listening to "Don't Go" below.

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