Rachel Eckroth & Sy Smith Give Us A Picture Of ‘Perfect Love’

Any creative will tell you that, while they may enjoy working alone, it's always awesome when you have the opportunity to work with friends. That sentiment is especially true when the friends in question are as supremely talented as Rachel Eckroth and SoulBounce fave Sy Smith. The two multi-talented musicians have come together for their heavenly new single "Perfect Love" and its video, both of which are a wonderful way to start your week.

The two women combine their talents in an awesome way for the track, with Sy taking on vocal and vocal arrangement duties while Rachel steps into the role of producer while also providing dreamy keys for the cut. It begins with the fluttering of keys atop a groove that ripples like waves across an ocean. Sy's voice then sighs into the frame as she sings of being enraptured in a love that is beautifully uncertain and new. "I don't know where this is headed / But I'd like to find out / You got me started," she sings sweetly as we fall along with her.

The video literally makes the song a work of art. Rachel herself doesn't appear in the clip, though her presence is definitely felt thanks to the amazing soundscape. Sy stands front and center as colorful backgrounds bloom and refract around her, adding to the song's dream-like quality and making the song both an aural and visual experience we want to take part in over and over again.

"'Perfect Love' started as a simple song and became a beautiful collaboration with musicians I highly admire. As producer, I wanted to present something with colorful sonic ideas and groove textures. These guys helped make my ideas a reality," Rachel said of the song's creation. Sy, meanwhile, spoke highly of the process of creating the song with her sister in music, saying, "Rachel had planted the seeds for this song for a while ago. But the shelter-in-place order gave us both the opportunity to really sit with it, tend to it, and watch it fully grow into something we think is kinda stunning. It's like a lush garden full of color and sounds, and I love it"

Mellow out your Monday mood when you check out Rachel Eckroth and Sy Smith's "Perfect Love" below. Then make sure to pick up your own copy of the song from your retailer of choice.

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