Tori Kelly Shows Us Exactly How ‘Unbothered’ She Is

What has Tori Kelly been doing during quarantine? Well, when she isn't collaborating with fellow music geniuses, she's preparing her own music for release. That includes her upcoming EP Solitude, which will be released sooner than you think. The five-song set looks to add to her ever-growing oeuvre of catchy, soulful songs with a pop appeal and she's been unveiling them song by song in the lead up to the EP's release. The latest track to be revealed is the sweet and classy kiss-off "Unbothered" — and she just so happened to drop off a lyric video for the track for us to enjoy.

Like we mentioned, the song is a kiss-off of sorts. But rather than wallow in any bitterness or resentment, the song instead focuses on how good she feels to be free of a relationship that wasn't working for her. "I’m winning, minding my business / No time to stop and start thinking about you," she sings on the first verse as she compares her then and now. The song feels just as happy as its lyrics, with a bass-led groove leading the way and piano, guitar and synths trailing after it gladly as she looks forward to the "good times on the way." The lyric video captures this feeling as well by offering images of dandelions, birds flying and other tranquil things to illustrate the feeling of freedom she's experiencing.

If you're wondering how long you'll have to wait to get into Solitude, then you're in for a some good news. The EP is set to drop this Friday (August 14th)! You can pre-order the EP here and maybe even find yourself in the running to join her for a Zoom launch party. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, get your daily dose of Tori Kelly by checking out the "Unbothered" lyric video below.

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