Isabelle Brown Gets ‘In Your Head’ With A New Mixtape & Video

Back when 2020 was still new and full of promise, Isabelle Brown began teasing a new project with the premiere of singles "To Say Goodbye" and "Work It All Out." Then, she pulled some goodies from her vault – her mixtape Only Having A Laugh – and gave us reason to smile during lockdown with the re-release of "Armour" and "I'm Just Me (Saib Edit)."  Now the Bounce-Worthy Brit returns to give us the best of both worlds, new music packaged as a mixtape entitled In Your Head.

Ms. Brown developed a knack for writing at a young age. And even though she's always showcased a mature sound, the new project highlights her growth from a plucky 12-year-old to a young lady on the brink of adulthood. Issy begins the set with a gorgeous, acoustic "Intro" before dipping into her '90s bag for "Reason" and "Work It All Out." The 2019 Coops-feature, "Living In the Moment," is a lovely addition to the set. Meanwhile, we're keeping our fingers crossed that jazzy tune "Albert Bridge" will eventually be transformed into a full-length track. After revisiting "To Say Goodbye," the project ends with an emotional "Outro" that will break your heart, yet make you smile because of its beautiful simplicity.

As you can see, there's much to love about In Your Head. But we have to give some special shine to the title track. Over a vibrant, retro arrangement bursting with drums, piano, organ, bass and horns, Isabelle blows us away with her soulful panache. The song continues to captivate thanks to its creative visuals. Director Rosa Parry gives us a peek into Issy's head by showing us the global issues (i.e., racial injustice, the Grenfell Tower fire, climate change) that are currently occupying her thoughts.

Stream In Your Head below, then keep scrolling to see visuals for the title track and '90s banger "Reason." Afterward, purchase a copy of the project and keep up with the young artist via Twitter, Instagram and her website.

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