It’s ‘All About’ Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye

What's better than one Bounce-Worthy artist on a song? Why two, of course. A chance encounter between GRAMMY-nominated singers Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye has produced quite a dope collaboration on the single “All About You.”

The pair recorded the track after randomly meeting each other in the studio in LA. Producer Ricky Reed recounted the chance encounter, sharing, “It was the last day of our session. We weren’t even trying to write anything, just finish up a tune. Then we got word Lucky was pulling up. When they first met in the studio kitchenette Leon was already holding a guitar, playing the chords. Lucky started singing, we dragged a mic over by the sink and started capturing. I fired up the drum machine. Song was done about 2 hours later. Never seen anything like it from two strangers, now friends.”

“All About You” is a butter-smooth '90s R&B-inspired slow jam, complete with programmed drums and guitar loop that were a trademark of the era. Over the laid-back groove, the duo croons about their women not realizing there are two people in a relationship. Lyrically, the track is pretty sparse, as it’s mostly a showcase for Leon and Lucky to show off their pipes and harmonies. Their voices complement each other well, creating a hypnotic groove that makes the repetition of the chorus feel intoxicating instead of monotonous.

Along with the new track, the fellas also put together a colorful visual directed by LAMAR+NIK. Whereas the song would fit nicely into the '90s, the video is straight outta the 1980s with grainy footage of Bridges and Daye, moving circles and boxes, silhouettes and kaleidoscope effects. The visual is giving us Friday Night Videos meets Midnight Love vibes and we're not mad at the nostalgic trip.

Press play to get into Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye's "All About You," and cross your fingers that this isn't their last collaboration.

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