Rhye Invites Us To Dance In ‘Black Rain’ Before Heading ‘Home’

It seems the sudden isolation that 2020 brought about has caused a creative boom. Many artists have taken advantage of the situation to produce new music, with several of our faves dropping new albums. You can include Rhye, the pop-soul outfit spearheaded by singer-songwriter Mike Milosh, in that number. Rhye's new album Home, its first since 2018's Blood, is set to arrive at the top of 2021 and it's being introduced with with new single and video "Black Rain."

"Black Rain" contains the elements of Rhye that we've come to know and love the most. A disco-ready groove mingles with Milosh's sedate, slightly melancholy vocal delivery to create a haunting and memorable slice of music. As always, the subject of the song focuses on the more intimate moments of love that rarely go acknowledged, with the song touching on the brief rough patches that all relationships have. "Don't see me running / Just 'cause a little black rain / Just give me something," Milosh sings in his signature falsetto. "Don’t you go running /Just 'cause a little black rain / Just give me something."

The song's video stars actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (of Kickass and Tenet fame). Rather than give us a narrative though, it focuses solely on Aaron's strange, mesmerizing dancing to the song. The shirtless star moves and gyrates so that you can see each of his muscles rippling with the effort of his erratic movements. Trust us when we say it's hard to look away from what's going on.

Home, which will also include previously released tracks "Helpless" and "Beautiful," looks to be another feather in Rhye's cap when it's released on January 22nd. Peep the video for "Black Rain" when you press play and stick around to look at the set's 13-song tracklist.

Rhye Home tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Come in Closer
03. Beautiful
04. Safeword
05. Hold You Down
06. I Need a Lover
07. Helpless
08. Black Rain
09. Sweetest Revenge
10. My Heart Bleeds
11. Fire
12. Holy
13. Outro

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