Carlitta Durand Is Back & About Her ‘Business’

It's been years since we've heard from the lovely Carlitta Durand. The singer-songwriter last graced our ears on the solo tip with her album I'll Be Gorgeous When I Die. That was then and this is now and now is looking a little bright now that she's released her new single "My Business" along with a video for the track to remind us of the talent that she possesses.

"My Business" is a matter-of-fact jam all about keeping chill and to herself as the world wildly turns around around her. "I don't have the time / To worry about everything else / But me and my life," she sings on the track. "There's too much going on / I have no room in my mind." As snaps evolve into trap beats and the airy synth chords become more intense, Carlitta points out that she simply drinks her water, puts coconut oil in her hair and minds her own business. For the song's video, the singer goes for understated beauty as she sits in nature with her curly hair moisturized and on full display. While not a big-budget clip, it is a high-quality one that sells the song even more, making this a good look for one of our faves as she steps back into the solo spotlight.

If you, like Carlitta Durand, are all about sippin' your water and mindin' your business as we continue to live through unprecedented times, then this one's for you. Go ahead and add "My Business" to your daily soundtrack (it's available at all digital retailers now) and check out both the Spotify stream and music video below.

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