Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye Make It ‘All About You’ On ‘The Late Show’

Last month, Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye surprised us with the release of their single "All About You." While the two soulful crooners have made waves in their own right, the pair joining forces proved to be a major win in our opinion. The singers have been making a push to promote the track since then, and their latest stop happened to be on a recent episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The motif of the performance borrowed heavily from the song's video, with multicolored rectangles forming around a black center. We first see Leon, who's wearing a short fur coat, slacks and a patterned shirt, as he takes control of the stage and the band to deliver the first verse. He's soon joined by Lucky, who's decked out in angelic white from head to toe, who puts his heart and soul into the second verse. They then show off their undeniable artistic chemistry throughout the rest of the set, playing off each other's energy as they bring the song to a fitting climax. They end the set with the screen behind them shining bright, leaving them and the band in silhouette.

Who wants a full Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye collaborative album (or even tour...when those are a thing again)? If your hand didn't immediately shoot up, we're sure your opinion will change when you press play and watch the fellas in action.

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