Tone Stith Pledges His ‘Devotion’

Singer-songwriter Tone Stith marks his return in a big way with his latest single “Devotion.” The passionate Swagg R’Celious-produced track serves vibes in the key of the legendary Prince, while Tone pledges his undying love for his lady. In his flawless falsetto he sings, “I’ll adore you even if you left me broken / If you take a step, baby I’ll take two / If on my last breath, I’ll breathe for you, ooh / Right until the end, I swear, I’ll do anything to prove my devotion.”

The accompanying video captures multiple facets of sacrifice. Through the lens of director Mahaneela, we watch Tone hard at work on his craft at home and in the studio. Meanwhile, his lover suits up day in and day out for her job as a nurse, caring for patients in the season of COVID-19. Even though they must keep their distance, they both find time to check-in with each other, spend quality time talking on the phone and coming up with creative ways to make each other smile. The touching and timely video speaks to the depths one must go to maintain closeness at a time when physical presence may not be an option.

Get ready to be in your feelings after you watch the video below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Let’s all hope that this latest offering is a sign of more to come from Tone Stith.

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