VanJess Add Their Own Swing To Zhané’s ‘Groove Thang’

There were few '90s artists who knew how to get the party started quite like Zhané. The duo — consisting of singers Renee Neufville and Jean Baylor — popped off out of the gate with "Hey Mr. DJ" and kept the party going with a string of hits, including "Request Line," "Vibe" and, of course, "Groove Thang." It's only fitting, then, that another duo pay tribute to their legacy. Enter sisters VanJess, who took on "Groove Thang" for Amazon Music's growing series of covers and put their own spin on one of Zhané's quintessential jams.

The difference from the original "Groove Thang" and VanJess' take is apparent from the moment you press play. The original was based on a funky riff borrowed from Patrice Rushen's "Haven't You Heard." This new version relies more on spacy, atmospheric synth chords and syncopated percussion to keep the groove going. Don't worry, though, as the ladies keep the harmony that made the song so enjoyable in the first place intact. The ladies follow the original's vocal blueprint to a T, switching off leads during the verse and delving into rich harmonies for the chorus as they make this one a jam all their own.

Though their Amazon Music original was exclusive for the service when it surfaced a year ago, this new take on "Groove Thang" is now available on all streaming services. You can take a listen below and, of course, purchase your own copy via Amazon.

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