VanJess Continue Seducing Us With ‘Slow Down’

Well, would you look at that? Another week and yet another new single from sister duo VanJess. The twosome have blessed us with two other singles this year — "Come Over" and "High & Dry." They continue to bless us with their sultry stylings with the release of their third single of the year, "Slow Down."

The ladies went to Snakehips and Jonah Christian for production duties on this one and the fellas lace them with a seductive jam based around the oft-sampled saxophone solo from Lafayette Afro-Rock Band's "Darkest Light." Adorning the brassy sax sound are warm synth chords and head nod-worthy programmed drums that keep things sounding sexy. From there, the ladies of VanJess go to work with steamy vocals that could get anyone hot under the collar. They sing about a fella whose mere presence and attention is enough to stop time. "Every day gets shorter / Life ain't getting longer," they coo on the chorus. "Ooh you make it slow down / Ooh you make it slow down."

At this point, it's quite obvious that VanJess has an album in the works. They've played coy thus far, however. If the ladies are content in dropping off quality singles on a consistent basis, though, who are we to complain? Wind down with VanJess by streaming "Slow Down" below, and then sing along when you watch the song's lyric video.

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