Brandy Haze Ignites A ‘Garden Fire’ With New EP

Los Angeles-based Brandy Haze is a rising artist with a dedicated following thanks to her infectious blend of contemporary R&B, trap and soul.  Now the talented singer-songwriter hopes to reach a wider audience after dropping her sophomore EP Garden Fire, which features production by Phendrana, Trey Kams, Roy Chase and W2ddles.

Opening track "Intentions" calls out an ex for his scheming ways. "Thought I'd find truth in your eyes / F**ked around and it made me blind," she snaps – lamenting that what she thought was love turned out to be nothing more than manipulation and negativity. But "once bitten, twice shy," as they say. She expresses her trepidation to jump into something new too quickly, and advises others to exercise the same caution when it comes to situationships and entanglements on "Floating" and "Pretend." Ultimately, experience is a good teacher and she's developed the knack for sniffing out BS from a mile away; thus making it much easier to say "Bon Voyage."

In addition to Brandy's beautiful voice, part of the album's allure is her authentic delivery. You feel every lyric that she sings, and that's not by happenstance. Ms. Haze describes the EP as "a collective of songs that represent my writing styles and different parts of my current life." She expounds, "This project is a short collection of songs that describe recent relationship struggles with others and struggles within."

Listen below as Brandy Haze continues to blaze her own path with Garden Fire, then keep scrolling for the tempting visuals (co-directed with Dana Rice) for "Pretend."  Download the EP from your favorite retailer, and keep up with the artist via Twitter and IG.

Brandy Haze Garden Fire [Amazon][Apple Music]

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