Marie Dahlstrom, Dan Diggas & Aligo All ‘Fall Down’

When it comes to matters of the heart, you can be sure that anything worth having will be tested. Bounce-Worthy singer/songwriter/producer Marie Dahlstrom brilliantly captures this sentiment on her latest release, "Fall Down." Produced by London-based producer Dan Diggas and featuring Canadian rapper Aligo, the smoldering and somewhat solemn track exudes all the emotion felt when attempting to keep love alive. As Marie puts it, "'Fall Down' is an ode to arguments that can be common at times, but left untreated could ruin a relationship. Like autumn, this song is a transition period to a colder and more challenging part of the year and symbolic of the changes that can occur when this happens in relationships: 'consequences get the best of you'."

This latest offering serves as the lead single from the trio’s forthcoming EP 4inARow and is the result of locking-in every night for four consecutive days armed with a pack of Diggas’ beats. While the team did not go in with a preconceived concept, as the creative juices began to flow, the overarching theme developed on its own. Aligo explains, “There wasn't a plan at first, but we knew we wanted to explore different emotions and feelings with each night that passed. By the end, we noticed the songs came together in a cohesive way that demonstrated a four stage cycle of love/relationships."

Give Marie Dahlstrom, Dan Diggas and Aligo's new single "Fall Down" a spin, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Stay tuned for the continued rollout of their 4inARow EP, which is due out January 15th via Marie’s JFH Records label.

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