Tiana Major9 Tries To Figure Out Her Relationship In ‘Same Space?’

Tiana Major9 has repeatedly impressed since she dropped her debut EP At Sixes And Sevens. The set, on which she gets into the confusion that love can bring, is equal parts emotional and soulful. She's also given us visuals from the project that convey this feeling perfectly, including the recently released "Same Space?" clip.

"Same Space?" is an emotional ballad that finds Tiana trying to figure out if she should stay in a relationship or let it go. To bring that to life, we see the singer and her leading man through the course of their relationship. Though what they have does seem loving, the cracks in their love are also starting to show — a shift in her mood when he's around, arguments and long silences. Though it's obvious that the couple is trying their best to hold on to what they have, it doesn't seem to be enough. This is cleverly shown to us as Tiana slowly fades throughout the clip, eventually leading to her almost out of the picture completely by the time things fade to black.

While the times mean that we won't be getting any live performances from artists any time soon, we are very much enjoying the creative visual output that artists like Tiana Major9 are bringing to the table. See what we mean when you watch the clip for "Same Space?" below.