Asiahn Displays Creative Growth With New EP ‘The Interlude’

Fans of Asiahn have been clamoring for a new album since she inked a deal with Motown. But the GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter has never been one to rush a good thing. That doesn't mean she's idly taking her sweet time. In fact, she's been working on several projects simultaneously. The first to be released is her new EP The Interlude.

The title serves a dual purpose. First-and-foremost, it promises that a full-length debut (on her new label) is in the works. "I wanna make sure I’m giving you just enough to be satisfied," she explains, "but not enough to be full.”  The title also references an artistic break from her Love Train series. "It’s important that as an artist I not only sing about love," Asiahn says. "There’s more to life than just being in a relationship and falling in and out of love with others, we also have to fall in love with ourselves and discover what we like and don’t like, explore our sexuality, get drunk and have fun! We have to live!”

With that in mind, Asiahn flexes her creative muscles and experiments with new sounds as she enters a new phase of her artistry. Producers D'Mile, Grandmaster Vic, Dreek Beatz and Jordan Hawkins provide infectious arrangements that support Asiahn's gorgeous, pliable vocals. Songs like "My World," "Gucci Frames" and "Get Away" step away from her usual lovelorn subject matter, choosing instead to explore growth and self-discovery. For those who may be worried that the songstress has completely changed her style, have no fear. She dips back into familiar territory to close the album with not-so-subtle naughtiness on "Drunk" and "Messed Up."

While we wait for a full-length collection, The Interlude is quite a tempting teaser. Download a copy of the project via your favorite DSP, and keep up with Asiahn on Twitter and IG.

Asiahn The Interlude [Amazon][Apple Music]

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