Brent Faiyaz & Tyler, The Creator Pull Us Into Their ‘Gravity’

Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator are two of the current generation's most innovative musicians in their respective genres. With the two having styles and collaborators in common, it was only a matter of time before they crossed paths. They do just that thanks to Yours Truly and Adidas' "Songs From Scratch" series, which pairs them over a DJ Dahi-produced beat for their new single "Gravity."

"Gravity" is a silky-smooth groove that opens with Brent on the track's chorus. "I'm on / But you want me home / I'd get you what you want / But you want me alone," he sings. "You held me up when I was down and out / But I don’t want you waitin' 'round for me / I don't want you waitin' too long / She hold me down like gravity." A pitched-down first verse follows on which he further breaks down the situation, detailing how his stressful life means that their time together is limited. His girl isn't a fan of that, however, prompting him to contemplate breaking things off.

Tyler jumps on the track three-fourths of the way through to further explain how the hassles of tour life can kill a relationship with sweet and clever wordplay about snacks, treats and bakeries. Ultimately, it seems that the end is the foregone conclusion for this relationship, with Brent emphasizing that him not wanting her to wait too long for him is the main reason for the impending split.

We hope that doesn't mean that this is also the end of the road for Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator as their chemistry here is undeniable. In fact, we wouldn't be mad if they made this a regular occurrence. Check out "Gravity" below and stick around to watch Brent and Dahi put things together in a short about the track's creation.

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