Celeste Continues To Enchant Us With ‘Love Is Back’

UK singer Celeste has been bubbling under in recent months as she builds toward the release of her debut Not Your Muse. We've been enjoying what we've heard so far — including "Stop This Flame," "I Can See The Change" and "Little Runaway." With the project set for release this February, Celeste once again reaches into her musical bag to bless us with her latest single, "Love Is Back."

She takes on a soulful journey on the track, which once again finds the singer playing with a throwback soul sound and infusing it with her own modern verve. This time around, piano, horns and rolling drums set the scene as she sings of discovering love after shunning the idea post relationship. Her vocal matches the ebb and flow of the music itself, veering from brassy and bold to soft and light when it fits. Meanwhile, she paints a picture of her disposition with the lyrics. "Oh, my God, I feel so bored /
I'm startin' to realize that all the boys that I find / Are all trouble, I told my mother," she sings. "She said, 'Girl, get your glass full' / So I did and I saw you."

"Love Is Back" doesn't necessarily break the mold. It does, however, reveal that Celeste is an undeniable musical force that deserves our attention. We'll see what else the star in the making has in store for us when Not Your Muse arrives on February 26th.

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