D-Nice Is In The Driver’s Seat In New 2021 Ford F-150 Commercial

D-Nice made 2020 his year with the unexpected and meteoric rise of Club Quarantine. His frequent DJ sets kept people sane, moving and grooving during lockdown last year, and, like the ongoing pandemic, he's showing no signs of stopping in 2021. The rapper turnt DJ turnt worldwide superstar quite literally has his foot on the gas for his latest come-up: starring in a new commercial for Ford Motor Company's 2021 F-150.

In the commercial, D-Nice provides the voiceover and the soundtrack with his 1990 single "Call Me D-Nice" as we watch an artist pulling up to a worksite and a pitmaster towing her smoker in their respective shiny new F-150s. While they drive and park, some of the truck's impressive interior and exterior features are highlighted. About 30 seconds in, D-Nice comes through in an F-150 Limited with all of his DJ equipment tied down on the flatbed. Once he gets to his destination, he showcases some more of the truck's bells and whistles, such as the interior work surface and pro power onboard the vehicle. That power source comes in handy for D, who plugs in his sound system and cold rocks the the socially distant block party Club Quarantine style while the artist’s mural is revealed and the pitmaster looks on at the revelry.

Watch the commercial to picture D-Nice rolling in the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 and stick around to the end to see him strike a triumphant pose.

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