Jacob Collier & Mahalia Amp Up The Wow Factor With ‘All I Need’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jacob Collier must be some kind of sorcerer. That's the only way to explain the sheer musical genius that he brought with last year's Djesse Vol. 3 and the innovative performances he's given in support of the project. He reaches into his bag of tricks once again for a performance of "All I Need" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, giving us something similar to his Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts outing with the added element of guest Mahalia being there to perform the song with him.

It's usually bad form for a magician to perform the same trick twice for a large audience. Jacob pulls it off though as he's once again joined by multiple versions of himself performing the track. Each version, representing a different aspect of his personality as he performs the upbeat romantic ditty. One would think that the inclusion of another would disrupt the illusion going on here, but Mahalia fits very easily into the tapestry as Jacob makes it a point to appear in the background of every shot she's in. In fact, if JC told us that he's actually been an identical quadruplet this entire time, we wouldn't be the least surprised.

Djesse Vol. 3 was, as to be expected, nominated at this year's GRAMMY Awards, which have been moved to March amid COVID-19 concerns. If the show doesn't tap Jacob Collier as one of the evening's performers, they'd be making a big mistake. Check him (and him, him and him) out killing it alongside Mahalia when you press play below.

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