Rhye Gets Adorable In ‘Come In Closer’

We're about to enter the home stretch for the arrival of Home, the new album from pop-soul outfit Rhye. Back in October, we got a taste of what's coming our way with the release of their single "Black Rain" and its stylish video. Now, with weeks to go, Rhye is giving us another taste and an overdose of cuteness with the visual for their latest single "Come In Closer."

"Come In Closer," like many of Rhye's songs, focuses on love. The lyrics seem romantic at first, with lines like, "We’ve died a million times in each other / So many times to start over / So many ways to begin." But like most love songs, these lyrics can be ascribed to almost any loving relationship. Singer Mike Milosh told FADER that the song explores how "as relationships deepen and you invite someone into your world, your life, your home, layers of appreciation, vulnerability, and patience reveal themselves." Perhaps that's why the accompanying video puts its focus on a pair of young siblings as they frolic in nature. It's cuteness overload as the two play throughout the day and enjoy the time to be young and absolutely carefree. We even get clips of them dancing to the hypnotic melody with wide smiles on their face before the clip ends with an image of waves crashing onto a beach.

The video, which was directed by Milosh and Genevieve Medow-Jenkins, is the perfect antidote for the barrage of news coverage of adults throwing political temper tantrums. We'd suggest shutting off CNN for a bit and watching the natural joy the visual captures.

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