J. Brown Is Kicked Back & Feeling The ‘Vibe’

Next month will mark one whole year since Rona collectively rocked our worlds and ushered in an age of quarantining, sheltering in place, social distancing and otherwise staying away from family, friends or anyone for that matter. We don't know about y'all, but we truly miss the good old days of hanging out with our tribe without a care in the world. Apparently, J. Brown misses it too, and he decided to recreate that pre-COVID, just kicking it feel in the music video for his single "Vibe."

The scene is set at a mansion where J. Brown and his crew are kicked back on the patio by the pool sipping out of red Solo cups. J. is surrounded by sexy women, and we see him playing the ladies' man as he gets some one-on-one time apart from the group to serenade a few of them. They are each feeling his vibe and vice versa as Brown's groovy jam provides the soundtrack at the house party.

Vibe out to J. Brown's "Vibe" visual and stay tuned for more to come from one of our new faves making quality R&B.