Jawan x Tiffany Are In The Mood For Love In ‘Finally’

Artists can be movements by themselves, but they can also be forces when they come together. That's the energy that Tiffany Evans and Jawan Harris are on with their new duo Jawan x Tiffany. The one-time teen sensations have tasted success individually over the years and are now united with a mission to take things to another level as a duo. The real-life couple reintroduced themselves as Jawan x Tiffany last October with their debut single "Finally" and recently dropped a music video for the sexy track.

Sean Bankhead, who many know primarily as a choreographer who's worked extensively with Missy Elliott in recent years, hops into the director's chair for "Finally." Both Evans and Harris have worked with Bankhead previously, so they were quite comfortable in front of his camera as they play a couple ready to take their relationship further. The first part of the video focuses on Tiffany who is ready to serve up some hot sex on a platter while she sings her verse. She records herself writhing around on her bed and sends the naughty video to Jawan who gets all hot and bothered while he watches it during his verse. Later in the visual, they come together to share a few smoldering scenes, displaying crazy chemistry as they end it with a sensual embrace and kiss.

Well! Is it hot in here, or is it just Jawan x Tiffany? Whew!

"Finally" is just the first taste of new music from Jawan x Tiffany who are gearing up to release their debut project this year. Follow the duo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their forthcoming music moves.

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