Norelle Can’t Help Falling ‘Back Into You’

It's been a year since we've gotten new music from Norelle, who released her previous single "Deeper" last February. The sensual groove found the songstress looking for a deeper connection with her significant other. Now with Valentine's Day on the horizon, Norelle drops her latest song "Back Into You" that keeps that sexy vibe going and finds her unable to resist a past lover's charms.

Produced by Dami "Mr. DaMention" Adeoye and co-written by Norelle and Cmaze, "Back Into You" seduces with a bass-heavy groove accented by percussion and strings. The track lends itself to a little bump and grind, and Norelle is happy to throw gasoline on the spark with her old flame. She is utterly helpless as she sings lyrics like, "Your touch sends thrills down my spine" and "You got me fiending for you / Light the fire, babe." He knows all right things to say and do to have Norelle falling right back into his arms, and she can't fight the feeling – nor does she want to.

Norelle has another hot one on her hands with "Back Into You," which is available to buy or stream now. She shared with us via email that she's quite proud of her new single. "It's really the most authentic I've felt as an artist," she stated. "I feel like I'm really coming into who I am." Norelle has fallen deeper in love with her craft, and we suspect you'll fall deeper in love with her as we have after you listen to "Back Into You" and watch her stunning live performance video of the track.

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