ELHAE & Masego Run This Town On ‘My City’

It’s not every day that two of our favorites join forces and serve the aural escape we crave. For his latest single “My City,” singer-songwriter ELHAE tapped none other than Masego to give us everything we need to ease into spring. The breezy track and catchy hook deliver the TrapHouseJazz vibes we’ve come to love Uncle Sego for while ELHAE’s verses ooze with R&B goodness. The two cocky comrades take turns talking slick and boasting about how they run their respective towns, and we’re along for the ride.

While the pandemic brought a lot of things to screeching halt, one thing it did give a lot of artists was ‎time. As scheduling conflicts had previously kept the two from collaborating, the 2020 lockdown presented an optimal opportunity. ELHAE explains, “Fortunately, and unfortunately due to COVID, time was all we had. ‎Masego had the beat and the hook done already so it was up to me to provide the rest. I reached out ‎to my good friend Ari to help as well and it was done. I’m really happy with how this song came out ‎and I hope people enjoy it.”‎

For the accompanying Loris Russier-directed visual, we watch as they entertain female callers from ‎both a rooftop hideaway and a dusty drive through the desert. The city is indeed theirs as they tee-off ‎from the roof and take turns performing their respective parts. The entire clip exudes a warmth ‎and carefree energy we can all aspire to now that it seems the world is starting to open back up. ‎

Run the audio and video for ELHAE’s “My City” featuring Masego below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from you preferred digital platform.

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