KAMAUU & Adeline Tap Masego For A Sweet ‘MANGO’ Remix

Those of us of a certain age might argue that gone are the days of soul-baring songs of selfless love. We remember when singers weren’t too proud to beg and took their time writing thoughtful lyrics to express the depth of their affection. For his single "MANGO" featuring Adeline, originally released last year, D.C.-bred artist KAMAUU takes us back to this era and suggests that perhaps the truest expression of both devotion and self-awareness is knowing when to walk away. Our favorite “silver-tongued devil” and trap house jazz pioneer Masego joins the duo for the recently released remix, resulting in a soulful refreshment we didn’t know we needed.

The level of maturity and humility needed to truly want to see someone happy, even if its not with you, is gripping. The subject is not often explored in today’s self-gratification and greed-driven climate, especially in music. Always one to look beyond the surface and explore uncharted yet inspiring territories via his music, KAMAUU says he drew inspiration from the realization of the true origin of romantic feelings. He explains, “Many of us think we want what’s best for our partners, though we often, more accurately, want to be with our partners in the way that feels the best or most right to us. This led me to build more relationships with people who thoroughly studied themselves. If I can trust that someone has really studied and worked on and with themselves, I can trust they have a good grasp on what’s best for them. If what’s best is someone else, who am I to block a blessing.”

The Lia B.-directed visual features footage shot by Monica Vera and Matt Stanley and captures the three musicians and the band as they record the track. Much like the original visual, which has now earned nearly six million views, the positive vibes extend beyond the screen as we catch glimpses of KAMAUU purifying the creative space and the trio sharing laughs.

Take a bite out of KAMAUU’s "MANGO (Remix)" featuring Adeline and Masego below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

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