Laura Mvula Prepares To Revel In Her ‘Pink Noise’ With ‘Church Girl’

It seems like we're dropping new album news every day at the moment...and today is no different. This time, the news comes from Laura Mvula. The British singer-songwriter already teased that she had something coming with the release of her single "Safe Passage." Now she reveals that something to be her upcoming third album, Pink Noise. Accompanying this announcement is another single release, with the singer doubling down on her newfound '80s synth-pop sound on "Church Girl."

Laura is all about this '80s vibe these days, and we must admit it sounds good on her. "Church Girl" takes us to the mid-1980s with a sound reminiscent of some of Whitney Houston's biggest hits of the era. The synths are blaring, the drum machines tick with a bubbly pop feel and the track oozes a feel-good musical sentiment. What's different, though, is that Laura uses this bubblegum pink pop feel to deal with the darker subjects of insecurity, doubt and imposter syndrome. Lyrically, she sings words that seem aimed at the person in the mirror but easily strike a chord with anyone listening. "How can you dance with the devil on your back? / How can you move? / Caught up in a picture perfect / That will never last," she sings on the chorus, a jarring drop back to earth after the music has made us feel like we were floating in a retro carefree haze.

It's a sentiment that might actually be the theme of Pink Noise. "Wrestling with identity seems to be one of the rites of passage of the established artist," Laura said in a press release. "Making Pink Noise felt like the most violent of emotional wrestling matches. It took three years of waiting and waiting and fighting and dying and nothingness and then finally an explosion of sound. As if it was always here, this record is my most honest and unapologetic flying of the freedom flag. In my adult years I had forgotten how important dance was to me as a vital tool of my creative expression. I brought it back, just for me, so I could find my delight in dance again. And now I can’t stop dancing. I can't wait to play this album live."

Live shows may still be in limbo, but we won't have to wait long to hear it, at least, as Pink Noise is set to arrive on July 2nd and is available for pre-order now. Take a listen to the latest single from Laura Mvula when you press play and then check out the album's cover and tracklist below.

Laura Mvula Pink Noise tracklist:

1. Safe Passage
2. Conditional
3. Church Girl
4. Remedy
5. Magical
6. Pink Noise
7. Golden Ashes
8. What Matters
9. Got Me
10. Before The Dawn

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