Louis York Give Us A Live Video That’s Smooth As ‘Velvet’

We miss live music! We know we're not the only ones that are longing to go see our favorite acts live and in-person. Sadly, that won't be a reality until after this pandemic is done. Don't worry, though, because acts like Louis York are doing their best to keep us from going through musical withdrawal. The duo helps ease our pain by capturing the feel of a live performance for their latest video "Velvet."

Louis York and their band set the mood in tones of crimson and scarlet as they take the stage at their Weirdo Workshop. The song, which veers from slick R&B to tinges of reggae and Police-esque pop, is all about being captivated by a sexy lady. Unsurprisingly, they bring the sexy quite effortlessly, with singer Claude Kelly contributing silky smooth vocals and Chuck Harmony tickling the ivories. The live take offers a few changes to the original track, as well, the biggest of which being the switch from a sax solo to a steamy guitar outro by Adam Smith II. The only thing missing from the performance is an audience clapping and cheering along (and possibly throwing undergarments on the stage).

While we always knew that Louis York could put on a show, we're so glad they're helping us get our fix for live music at a time when it's hard to come by. Hopefully, we can thank them at one of their concerts when this whole thing is over. Until then, get your fix when you press play on the video for "Velvet" below.

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