Lucky Daye & Yebba Have A Hilarious ‘Heart’ To Heart

Have you ever watched an episode of a sitcom where a couple goes to therapy and engages in role play? And what was intended as an exercise to gain insight and understanding devolves into a hilarious battle of the sexes where hearts and egos are bruised. Well, that's what happens in Lucky Daye and Yebba's lyric video for "How Much Can A Heart Take."

Calling this visual a lyric video is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, it’s a video. And yes, the lyrics to the track are on the screen. But, Lucky and Yebba are asking us to do more than follow the bouncing ball, but to tag along with them and a few couples on a sunny day in the park. Everyone is having a great time except for our two singers who are pretending to be one another. Lucky and Yebba didn’t pull any punches trading places, either. Lucky crosses his legs, gives us his best sistergirl expressions and acts like Yebba is on his last nerve. Meanwhile, Yebba plays it super cool like an unbothered dude, showing Lucky that she really does love her boo, even introducing him to her friends, whom she hilariously daps up as Lucky plays the role of the demure girlfriend.

“How Much Can A Heart Take” is the standout cut from Lucky Daye’s stellar Table For Two EP, a collection of duets with different women making noise in the R&B game, including Ari Lenox, Mahalia, Tiana Major9 and more. Released in time for Valentine’s Day, it would be a shame not to show love to this project 365.

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