MNDSGN Wishes You Well With ‘Hope You’re Doin’ Better’ & Announces New Album

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it's not to take life or time for granted. Whether romantic, familial or platonic, our relationships are the most valuable things we have and we shouldn’t let distance or disagreements disrupt those bonds. For his new single “Hope You’re Doin’ Better,” producer MNDSGN explores this sentiment in a most unique way. Over a soothing and retro groove, he sings of wishing the best for someone despite their lapse in communication. The lyrics are both touching and transparent, as they were written while he came to terms with a loved one’s struggle with mental illness. He explains, “Although communication between each other was severed, it allowed the opportunity to truly acquaint myself with the concept of loving from afar.”

He chose to take a lighter, more whimsical path for the self-directed accompanying visual. The capture aligns with the track’s throwback energy and instantly engages the viewer with its surreal imagery yet relatable storyline. MNDSGN is featured in a more supportive role, as he spends the day with his heavy-hearted neighbor. Following their fun-filled afternoon, his panda companion heads home to return a long overdue phone call from his fellow plush pal. Despite several humorous elements, the visual tugs at the heartstrings while serving an important and timely message.

Get into MNDSGN’s “Hope You’re Doin’ Well” and don't be surprised if your feelings get activated. Be sure to add the track to your collection, and stay locked in for the continued rollout of his upcoming album Rare Pleasure, due out on June 4th.

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