Nubiyan Twist Are Musical Storytellers On New Album ‘Freedom Fables’

London band Nubiyan Twist has spent the past few years earning the respect of their peers and cultivating a devoted fanbase with their exhilarating live shows – something that seems an easy feat for such a talented bunch. Led by producer/guitarist Tom Excell, the 10-piece ensemble has a special gift for fusing global music and diverse sounds of the African diaspora with modern-day jazz. Their latest release Freedom Fables finds them at the top of their game and features some incredible vocal talent as well.

When speaking of the album, Excell shares that it, "reflects on the power of narratives. Each vocalist on this record explores their own memoirs, a freedom of expression underpinning our belief that music is the ultimate narrative for unity." He goes on to say, “The record references a lot of music that we all loved during our formative years; you can hear touches of broken beat, blunted hip hop, highlife, Latin, jazz and UK soul running through the tracks."

Frequent collaborator and award-winning vocalist/composer/flautist Cherise joins the band for "Tittle Tattle," "Keeper" and "Flow," three distinct tracks that show the full breadth of their collective musicianship and her vocal dexterity. She leads an enviable lineup of guest artists that includes Ego Ella May ("24-7"), Ria Moran ("Morning Light"), Soweto Kinch ("Buckle Up"), Pat Thomas ("Ma Wonka"), K.O.G. ("If I Know"), and flautist Rachel Hayter ("Wipe Away Tears").

Scroll down to be captivated by this harmonic collection of "soul searching, cautionary tales and parables for modern life." Freedom Fables is currently available for download via all major digital outlets. Keep up with Nubiyan Twist via their website which also features limited edition vinyl and merch.

Nubiyan Twist Freedom Fables [Amazon][Apple Music][Bandcamp]

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