Tayla Parx Is Deliciously Petty In ‘Sad’

Everyone reacts to breakups differently. Some manage to stay the best of friends with their exes. Some go on to live their lives unbothered and unconcerned by whatever and whoever their ex is doing. And then there are some, like singer/songwriter Tayla Parx, who don't wish their exes well, they wish they'd go to hell. Parx pours all of her pettiness into her single "Sad" and bakes up some delicious treats in the song's music video.

Throughout "Sad" Parx hopes that her old bae is living their worst life without her in it. She delivers clever lyrics about taking a bubble bath in their tears and, after whipping up a bomb dinner, hoping their non-cooking ass enjoys their lonely little Happy Meal. Tayla keeps that culinary theme going in the "Sad" visual, which is anything but. She gets her Carla Hall on in the kitchen, happily baking up all kinds of delectable desserts, and when she's not whipping up her baked goods, Tayla can be seen luxuriating in a pink bubble bath fit for a petty queen.

"Sad" can be found on Tayla Parx's sophomore album Coping Mechanisms, which she released this past November. If you happened to sleep on the release due to all the excitement surrounding the holidays, this would be a great time to acquaint yourself with the album. Visit her special MyCopingMechanisms website where she also has links to her book club and a directory of Black-owned businesses.