Jorja Smith Gets Raw & Real In ‘Gone’

Jorja Smith has been keeping things very simple when it comes to her video treatments lately. Whether that's due to the limitations of currently living in A global pandemic or artistic choice, the decision to do so has worked out in her favor (see her sultry webcam clip for "Addicted" as a prime example). As she prepares for the nearing release of her next project Be Right Back, she gives us another lo-fi video, this time for her recent single "Gone."

Being that the song is a moody one ruminating on different sides of loss, the video takes on a similar tone thanks to it appearing to be filmed on camcorder. The grainy, retro feel (and it being filmed at night) give the clip a slightly somber feel. Jorja, meanwhile, simply strolls along with the camera as she sings the song while the song's lyrics flash on the screen in yellow bellow her. The simplicity is enough to catch the viewer off guard and bring an attention to the lyrics we might not have had if the clip was more of a spectacle. The video also gives a glimpse into what we could expect from Be Right Back with a few seconds of an acoustic guitar-laden ballad before it comes to a close.

We know you, like us, can't wait to hear and see what Jorja Smith will be bringing when Be Right Back drops on May 14th. You can add our anticipation for her next visual to that anxiousness as well. Get your latest Jorja fix with "Gone" when you press play below.