Mumu Fresh Puts In ‘Work’ For New ‘Vintage Babies II: Queen Of Culture’ Album

Whether she's singing or rapping, Maimouna Youssef, the artist also known as Mumu Fresh, is one of our favorite voices. One that we hardly hear enough of, but she's planning to change that with the upcoming release of her second collaborative album with DJ Dummy. Following their debut as the duo The Vintage Babies with 2017's Vintage Babies, the talented twosome is looking forward to dropping Vintage Babies II: Queen Of Culture this year. Like the first album, this new project will showcase Mumu's range from her soulful vocals to her microphone mastery with an emphasis this time around on the latter. We get to hear some of the hot fire that Mumu Fresh will be spitting on the new Vintage Babies album on the lead single "Work."

The kinda work that Mumu Fresh raps about on "Work" isn't a 9-to-5. She describes the song as, "A tribute to work that we have to put into preserving our culture, our spirits, and ourselves everyday in the face of white supremacy and the complacency and participation that many people of color play in it whether knowingly or unknowingly."

Mumu and DJ Dummy do it for the culture on "Work," which features a chant from a group of Black men circa the Reconstruction era working on a chain gang in the background. These sounds ground "Work" in the past while Mumu Fresh brings us to the present to let us know that there's so much work left to do with her socially conscious, biting rhymes. "I was Black back when Black wasn't a trend /  I was too Black for you new Blacks to let me in / You were scared I would say something that might offend," Mumu snaps on the second verse and blacks out for the rest of the track.

One time for Mumu Fresh with the fire bars and DJ Dummy with the blazing production. The underlying message in their music is simply the icing on the cake. Keep it locked right here for more information on Vintage Babies II: Queen Of Culture as it becomes available. In the meantime, add the single "Work" to your music collection via your digital music provider of choice and look out for the music video to premiere in the coming weeks.

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