Romero Mosley & Iman Omari Try To Work It Out In ‘Stay Together’

As he prepares to release his forthcoming EP Ro’s Colored Glasses, producer/songwriter Romero Mosley ignites the excitement of his adoring fanbase with the project’s lead single “Stay Together.” The smoothed-out track features the signature styling of multifaceted artist Iman Omari, who puts forth his last-ditch effort to save a love that is on its last leg. Mosley explains, “The song itself is a snapshot of a relationship that's coming to an end, but the love is still there. Basically, one last plea before calling it quits.”

His latest release gives us a taste of what we can expect from the full EP. Described as “celebratory in nature,” the project is sure to take us all on an encouraging expedition through the ups and downs of love and life. Mosley explains, “Overall, it's about love, love-lost, reconciliation, and just pushing through life's woes. The hope/optimism of it is all in your perspective and how you choose to look at life (i.e., the expression 'Rose Colored Glasses').” At a time when we can all use a dose of positivity, alongside soothing tracks and vivid storytelling, we look forward to more from Mosley leading up to the release of his new project.

Spin Romero Mosley’s “Stay Together” featuring Iman Omari right here, and add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. While there’s no firm release date for his forthcoming EP Ro’s Colored Glasses, word on the street is that the project will drop sometime this summer.

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