Ruth B. Seeks Clarity On ‘Situation’

As she prepares for the release of her second studio album Moments In Between, singer-songwriter Ruth B. shares an all too familiar tale on her new single. “Situation” marks her first release of the new year and details the myriad of emotions associated with an ambiguous love affair. While we’ve jokingly referred to relationships lacking clarity as “complicated,” we can all agree that very real feelings can be tied up in such entanglements.

In both the lyrics and the Annie Bercy-directed video, Ruth expresses her frustration with not truly knowing where she stands. We watch as she attempts to channel her emotions through writing and even jumps out the jitters atop her floral-lined bed before attempting to talk things out with her boo. She notes the song as her all-time favorite among those she’s written. “It sounds so much like me, and where I am now versus a few years ago”, she explains. “Writing songs has always been therapeutic for me and I hope that hearing my songs helps other people in the same way. Whether they’re feeling lonely or heartbroken or happy, I want them to know that someone else understands what they’re going through.”

Watch Ruth B.’s “Situation” unfold below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Stayed tuned for more from her Moments In Between LP, which is set to drop on June 11th via Downtown Records.

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