Adeline Prompts Us To Picture Cloud ‘9’

There are times when the only thing standing between you and the love you deserve is you. Whether it’s pain from your past or a simple case of FOMO, we don’t always need to look outside of ourselves for the root of obstacles in our relationships. Our favorite bass-playing beauty Adeline offers an audible mirror to our self-sabotaging habits when it comes to love with her new single “9.” Over a soothing track, laced with a groovy bassline, she sings of a relationship that hasn’t been realized due to the hesitation of both parties involved. In her signature tone she declares,  “We should already be on cloud nine / Your head on my pillow tonight / You could have been my lover by now / But we've let all this time go by.”

It seems Adeline drew inspiration for the track from the very real trauma we all witness and experience regularly. She explains, “Too often, we live in past traumas and future fears instead of being in the present. The level of trauma and pain we experience on a daily basis affects us in so many ways that we don’t even fully realize it sometimes.” When not properly addressed, these painful patterns can manifest in seemingly unrelated areas of our life, though each requires some level of vulnerability. She continues, “So, a person can be in love but just too wounded to open up. And when two people who are both experiencing pain and trauma meet, it can be hard to dive in. It’s like they want to be together, but their own fears stand in the way of making that vision come to life. I do believe that love just ‘happens,’ but we have to be ready to receive it if we want it to flourish into a healthy relationship.”

Watch the video for “9” below, co-directed by Adeline and Mentchu, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

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