Anushka Tells Love’s Truth On ‘You Mine’

As they continue the rollout for the release of their new album Yemaya, UK duo Anushka bless fans with a fourth single from the project. Just in time for the warm weather, “You Mine” follows their previous tracks "You My Love," "Speak To Me" and "Brave" and blows through the listener like a gentle breeze. Though the delicate keys and heavenly vocals emit light and celestial energy, the subject matter is much heavier. Described as a “cosmic love story,” Victoria Port’s angelic tone tells the story of trials one must sometimes endure in order to preserve true love singing, “Come to our space, say that you love me / But what is love if not so attainable?”

As Victoria explains, “We are sold on the fairy tale ‘they lived happily ever after’ but relationships are hard sometimes.” While true that no one likes to dwell on the dark side, we do ourselves a disservice by not acknowledging that all relationships do indeed take work. The pair notes, “In recognizing the importance of looking at the difficulties and hardships that come with togetherness, (we) grow - both lyrically and musically.”

Give Anushka’s “You Mine” a spin and be sure to add the track to your preferred digital platform. Their forthcoming album, Yemaya, is available for pre-order now and due to be released on June 25th on the Brighton-based label Tru Thoughts Recordings. Vinyl heads will want to act fast to grab the limited edition transparent and numbered double vinyl via Bandcamp.

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