EyeLoveBrandon Experiences ‘Moonbeam Dreams’ On His Latest EP

Whether teaming up with our fam Rob Milton, remixing as part of the duo ENTRSTELLAR or composing a series of Dreamscapes as brandon*, we've always suspected that EyeLoveBrandon's talent was not of this world. In addition to his ability to seamlessly traverse melodic realms, the composer/producer/musician has mastered the art of musical storytelling, often without the need of lyrics. Needless to say, the dude knows how to create a vibe, and his latest project Moonbeam Dreams is just another stellar example.

Composed, produced and arranged by the artist, the EP is a continuation of the Earth And Sky saga – a musical sci-fi/fantasy series featuring Earth And Sky, followed by "Flora & Fauna," which transports Brandon from his home in Solara City to the kingdom of Laputa. The seven-track collection is a soundtrack of his explorations through this unknown world where it seems he's found intelligent life and love.

Dreamy harmonies and enchanting melodies merge with hypnotic beats on tracks like "Moonbeam Dreams," "Enchanted," "Follow You" and "Magical Girl." Vocalists Miri ("Need You Here," Bandcamp version only) and Trumaine Lamar ("Falling In Love") create an atmosphere of romance with soulful vocals that can melt humans and droids alike. The album closes with "Underneath The Stars," a lovely instrumental that signals a happy ending for the star-crossed lovers.

Once again, EyeLoveBrandon did his thing. Using instruments like piano, Rhodes, saxophone, bass, drums and synth, digital and analog collide and give new meaning to the term "space jam." Support this dope artist by spreading the word about his Moonbeam Dreams and purchasing a copy for your playlist. Stay tuned to his Twitter and IG feeds to keep up with his cosmic adventures.

EyeLoveBrandon Moonbeam Dreams [Amazon][Apple Music][Bandcamp][Spotify]

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