Gwen Bunn & Faith Evans Get Photoshoot Fresh In ‘Between The Lines’

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of Gwen Bunn and Faith Evans, we'd say that it's worth even more. The two collaborated last year for Gwen's single "Between The Lines," much to the delight of R&B fans everywhere. Now we get to relive our excitement for the collaboration all over again with the photoshoot-themed video for the track.

The Sam McKnight-directed clip takes us behind the scenes of capturing some amazing snaps of Gwen, whose sense of cool resonates throughout the clip. When she's not posing it up, she's crooning along to the track against the set's brightly colored and lit backdrops. About halfway through, our girl Faith pops in for her cameo among a floral set and alongside Gwen in a tailored denim outfit and rocking her signature red tresses. From there, the twosome just vibe to each other's company while harmonizing and looking healthy and happy.

Gwen has been a bit tight-lipped when it comes to the release of her upcoming album. In fact, we're still waiting on word from her camp on when exactly we can hear her upcoming project Mood Swings. While she's given no exact dates as of yet, she has hinted in interviews that it could be a double EP. We'll just be happy to listen to it whenever it comes. Until then, you can check out Gwen Bunn and Faith Evans looking photoshoot fresh in "Between The Lines" when you press play.

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