Jorja Smith Makes Money Moves With Shaybo In ‘Bussdown’

In the lead-up to her Be Right Back EP, Jorja Smith was killing the visual game with clips for "Addicted" and "Gone." Those clips both conveyed the story of their songs while adhering to the constraints that the pandemic caused. Now that things are getting a bit more relaxed, though, Jorja is branching out into more standard video fare with the release of the visual for her song "Bussdown."

The song, which is much mellower than the title suggests, finds Jorja and featured guest Shaybo tackling the power dynamics in male-female relations. More specifically, she talks about taking pride in being a self-made woman who can afford to treat herself. To illustrate this in the video, Jorja plays the role of a mechanic who uses her feminine wiles to take advantage of men who might underestimate her. We watch her take a bloke for his ducats and then move on to enjoy the spoils of her exploits. She and Shaybo delight in their hustles by checking out jewels and pushing a Lambo with suicide doors while rocking the finest in skintight outfits as they grind to the song's reggae-inspired rhythm.

"Bussdown" is only one of the gems that you'll find on Be Right Back, with the set serving as a placeholder to until Jorja Smith is ready to give us her sophomore album. You can check out the creative visual when you press play and then hop below to stream the entire EP in full via Spotify.

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