Mereba Mesmerizes Us In The Desert For Her ‘Rider’

Mereba had us mesmerized when she released her album The Jungle Is The Only Way Out in 2019. Since then, she's been the best part of many of the songs on which she's been featured. The singer-songwriter is ready to get back to her own thing, though, as she demonstrated with the release of her new single "Rider." The singer now mesmerizes us again with the enchanting video for the single.

The visual for the track takes us into the desert, where Mereba and her friends revel in the sun, melanin and each other. Pulling up in classic cars and dressed in eclectic fashions, they swing and sway to the calming rhythm of the song. Mereba appears in the midst of it all, at times rocking a casual look and at others looking positively glamorous in a teal gown. Eventually the sun sets on the proceedings and the lovers pair up, with one of the couples sharing a romantic moment before the video's end.

"Rider" is the lead single from Mereba's upcoming EP AZEB. She recently detailed what was going into the project in an Interview profile with Vince Staples. "I felt as I was writing songs last year that they were helping me figure out and sort through the things I was feeling about what was happening in the world. They started being my guide. I was also inspired by Nina Simone, who said, 'It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times,'" she said during the interview. "I always end up putting current events, or things that are happening in the world, into my music. But this project also encompasses the more universal parts of human existence, like being in love and being hopeful in the midst of whatever else is going on, because that’s a survival tactic, to have hope and faith that things are going to get better."

We'll keep you posted with news about AZEB as Mereba makes it available. Until then, see the singer in all her beauty when you watch "Rider" below.