Emotional Oranges Go ‘Down To Miami’ With Becky G

JUICEBOX, the upcoming project from R&B duo Emotional Oranges, is sounding rather juicy. The duo has provided us with certified jams from the set, including "Bonafide" and "Body & Soul," and they have more where those came from. They proved that with the release of Becky G-featuring single "Down To Miami" last month. Now they give us a creative, orange-filled visual for the track.

The song lyrically focuses on trying to slide to Miami for a rendezvous, but the video decides to shirk that concept. Instead, the Oranges and Becky G portray themselves as crime bosses smuggling shipments of...oranges?! Yep, they're still rocking with the orange motif and making it work for them. From there, we’re shown the inner workings of their outfit in a posh mansion setting as the crew rocks amazingly glam outfits while mugging for the camera. They don't just stop things there, though, as oranges are flowing out of everywhere from loaded shipping trucks to a tricked-out SUV.

The visual for "Down To Miami" has us hyped for what JUICEBOX will bring when it arrives. If only Emotional Oranges would give us a date. All that we have to go on is that it will arrive "soon." While we try to nail down when exactly that could be, take a trip with the three stars when you watch their video below.

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