Leon Bridges Doesn’t Feel The Love In ‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’

Soul singer Leon Bridges is prepping to release his third album Gold-Diggers Sound and is using his visuals to enhance his stories, putting his poetry in motion. For his previous single “Motorbike,” Leon gave us a clip with a Bonnie and Clyde love story. He continues his cinematic approach to his visuals with the two-part video for “Why Don’t You Touch Me.”

“Why Don’t You Touch Me” is a somber ballad about a relationship well past the honeymoon stage. The flame has fizzled, but Leon is trying to figure out if they can spark things back up. It might be too late, though. His lady isn't showing him the love that she used to, and her eyes have been wandering. His tale of woe is composed against a stark guitar loop and drums.

The two visuals for “Why Don’t You Touch Me” are part of a short film. It starts with an opening shot of the Gold Diggers Entertainment lounge, which has an apartment complex sitting above. There’s a couple clearly on the outs with each other, with the woman on the fire escape smoking and the man looking lost in the window. Bridges is sitting on the roof, his legs dangling over the edge as he writes in his journal. Throughout the visual, the couple is seen in their previous good times when the love was shiny and new and at their current impasse. They struggle to unite but can never get on the same page. Our boy Leon peeps the couple's moves starting from when they met and befriends them both, all the while documenting their relationship in his trusty journal. Both videos are simple yet enchanting, using a few visual tricks to enhance the story with an almost haunting feel, which complements the elephant in the room that the relationship is over. But the real twist in the story is that it is all too good to be true.

Leon Bridge’s Gold-Diggers Sound is scheduled to be released on July 23rd. Along with “Why Don’t You Touch Me” and “Motorbike,” the project will also include his 2020 Black Lives Matter anthem “Sweeter” featuring Terrace Martin.

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