Mighloe Overcomes ‘Desperate Times’ With Her Latest EP

Canadian singer-songwriter Mighloe has spent the past few years building a cult following with independent releases like All About You and Pretty. But one listen of her latest project, entitled Desperate Times, has us convinced that her underground days are over. Not in the sense that it will receive the mainstream airplay that some (mistakenly) believe is the definitive mark of a great artist. It's simply because the release is so impressively distinct, we can't imagine the inevitable buzz will allow her to stay a hidden gem for much longer.

The 7-track EP is a collection of atmospheric R&B – songs that allow the listener to leisurely float or remain suspended in Mighloe's emotional cosmos.  The album opens with the dream-like tune "Stolen Paradise," which evokes the feeling of being lost and drifting through uncertain spaces, before suddenly falling in slow motion. Standout track "Cruel" begins as a somber ballad about feeling emotionally weak and helpless with a former love, before morphing into an anthem of empowerment. She cements her resolve with the sassy groove "Don't Call Me."

The vibe lulls the listener into a hypnotic trance with the haunting title track "Desperate Times" and the trippy tune "Euphoria." Meanwhile, "Rainy Days" is a sultry ode that delivers light and happiness, despite the gloomy-sounding title. "Into The Tide" closes the set as Mighloe sings of releasing yourself to be free to love again.

Scroll down to preview the Desperate Times EP, currently available via major digital retailers. Then watch her breathtaking, acoustic performance of "Cruel." Keep up with Mighloe on Instagram to see what's next on the horizon for the rising, independent artist.

Mighloe Desperate Times [Amazon][Apple Music]

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